Adaptation [2010]

When I moved to New York City, I experienced a broad spectrum of emotion. I had never visited a city so large–and certainly had never lived in one–so the process of settling in forced me to make a lot of changes to my way of thinking and my daily routine. It was exciting and distressing all at once.

During this time, I was working with modified video game engines as a means of generating abstract art. Players could navigate freely through a simulation of a generic city block, the geometry twisting and distorting around them as they passed through buildings and streets. My varying emotional states began to be reflected in the way I maneuvered through the abstracted space, each recording session conveying a different energy in the way shapes and colors contorted in front of the virtual camera.

Each sequence represents a different stage in my process of adjusting and evolving in response to the drastic change in my environment: from bold and exuberant exploration, to anxious tension, and finally to centered and stable acceptance.