Phantom Arrays

A series of "long exposure" screenshots taken in Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn, created for Photomode: Out There in Games, an in-game photography exhibition sponsored by Ubisoft Entertainment and produced by MNSTR, that was held in New York City in November 2022.

Thanks to a technical trick, Kent Sheely has taken over the traditional photography codes of long exposure and superimposition to offer us an almost impressionistic work revealing the transience, and the infinite, the pause and the movement of these intangible worlds. A first proposal focusing on movement and playing with the basic unit of all video work - the image/second. And another, questioning the relationship that video games have with interfaces, which here become the only understandable patterns in elusive flow of intense action images.

The tool used to produce these photos was "Open World Shutter," created by Jonny Hopkins

Exhibition Photos